Egalizer floor leveling

The floor is our profession!

The specialist in floor leveling!

Floor leveling company Egalizer B.V.

Egalizer has been the specialist for project designers for floor leveling for over 20 years. The specialists of Egalizer prepare and renovate surfaces. We do this for new construction and renovation projects for every new finish, regardless of the situation or location. Leveling and renovating floors is our specialization.

Egalizer has the right knowledge, professionals, equipment and products in the field of floor finishing.

You can contact us for:

  • General leveling of floors for, among other things, rubber, PVC coverings, tiles, parquet, etc.;
  • Industrial floor repairs and overlays with mineral cementitious products;
  • Restoring flatness within the flatness standards of NOC * NSF, NEN-2747-1, DIN 15815, and so on;
  • Floor renovation for parquet;
  • Floor renovation for tiles;

What we do

Industrial floor repairs, restoring flatness and floor renovations.

Industriële vloer met gaten en oneffenheden die gerepareerd wordt door middel van een egalisatie middel.

Industrial floor repairs

Oneffen betonnen vloer met egaline

Floor renovation for parquet

Twee mannen brengen een tweede laag egalisatie middel toe.

Leveling for carpet, rubber & PVC

Why choose Egalizer?

  • We are real professionals, all our employees are specialized in floor finishing;
  • We level every floor according to the quality standard (s);
  • We work with renowned brands;
  • You no longer have to use your own staff for floor removal and preparing surfaces;
  • When machine preparation is not an option due to certain circumstances, Egalizer will prepare the floor manually;
  • We remove all existing floor finishes;
  • All materials that we process are produced under a quality system according to ISO 9001;
  • We pump the equalizers.

Our total floor finishing package stands for quality, flexibility and reliability!

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Inventory of needs

Budget & planning



Our method

Good practice is half the battle

Our working method is as simple as it is effective. In four clear steps to a perfect end result.

Egalizer is best equipped in its field. This allows us to perform almost everything in-house and with our own employees. We have more than one device for almost all equipment, so that we can also carry out the jobs according to plan.

If necessary, we also have the option to provide our own electricity and water supply. In short, we can be deployed at almost all locations, because our own employees have VCA, VOG and DVP and the additional qualifications for various locations.


Curious about what we can do for you?

Contact us quickly and ask for the possibilities.