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Floor renovation for tiles

Egalizer is your specialist when it comes to floor renovation for tiles. Tiling is precision work. The surface must be super tight and flat for this. We ensure that the floor is level after renovation, so that the tiles can be laid tightly.

We start with making the subfloor dust-free. We do this very carefully. Then we apply the primer. This primer is usually a primer with a grain of sand to create a rough surface. The leveling compound will then be able to bond better.

Apply equalization

After the primer, we start leveling the floor on which the tiles will be placed, by applying a thick layer of leveling compound. We usually do this by machine. We do this manually in small spaces.

Leveling existing tile floor

We can also level a floor with existing tiles. The process is then approximately the same. The tile floor is provided with a thick layer of smoothing compound, creating a smooth floor over which tiling can be performed.

Drying the leveling layer

The leveling layer should dry for about 24 hours. With a very thick layer, the drying time is of course longer and depending on the ambient temperature.

We are the professionals for you to make your floor completely flat for new tiles.

We do this by working with renowned brands from different suppliers who supply us with the leveling mortar and repair mortars and then we (Equalizer) process with the right machines.

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