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Industrial floor repairs

With industrial floors, matters such as safety, comfort and productivity of the industrial floor are paramount. An industrial floor is designed to withstand heavy loads. When an industrial floor is damaged, this also has consequences for the work that is carried out in the room where the floor is located. Machines, materials and goods can be damaged, but physical injury can also be the result of a damaged floor. We specialize in repairing concrete surfaces and the associated transitions and horizontal dilatations.

Floor repair with mineral cementitious products

A completely new floor may seem the only costly solution. At Egalizer we offer you a professional alternative. We are the specialist when it comes to industrial floor repair.

Removing an existing floor finish

First we remove the top layer by stripping or demolishing it. Stripping includes floors such as carpet (tiles), vinyl, PVC, parquet, marmoleum, linoleum, colivinyl tiles and sports floors. When demolishing, you should think of removing harder floor finishes, such as sand cement screeds, natural stone, tile floors, cable trays, natural stone and other hard finishes.

We sand, plan, mill or irradiate the floor with very small balls, so that the top layer disappears. Almost all our equipment has an extraction facility, so that we can do this dust-free or even completely dust-free.

Application of leveling mortar

After removing the top layer, we apply a primer. An industrial leveling layer is then applied to the floor. Depending on what repair is needed and in which location, we will determine which material is most suitable for this.

Our strongest industrial leveling mortar

This is a cementitious, mineral, fast-curing polymer modified industrial floor for layer thicknesses from 4 to 30 mm, CT-C40-F8AR0.5.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
  • For parking garages;
  • In sales areas;
  • For new construction and restoration of storage areas and production halls;
  • In composite on mineral surface.

Inventory of needs

Budget & planning



Our method

Good practice is half the battle

Our working method is as simple as it is effective. In four clear steps to a perfect end result.

Our special repair mortars

These repair mortars meet the so-called “one-for-all” requirements.


  • Easy to apply on different surfaces;
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors;
  • Suitable for floors, walls and ceilings;
  • The texture can be chosen based on demand; from solid to liquid;
  • Layer thicknesses between 0 – 60 cm;

The purpose of leveling is to create a smooth and flat surface. We do this mechanically for large areas. Depending on the size of the room, this is done with a small pump or a large special silo that can hold a few tons of leveling mortar. We apply manual leveling in very small spaces.

Benefits of leveling mortar for floor repairs

By having your industrial floor repaired by an equalizer with leveling mortar, your company floor will soon be like new again:

  • All damage has been repaired;
  • Your floor is smooth and sleek again.

A selection of high-quality products

We are the professionals for you to repair and level your floor.

We do this by working with renowned brands such as Coba leveling mortar CLM490, NEODUR® Level and Rapid Set® repair mortars and the right machines.

Supply and install expansion profiles

We also repair transitions, so that a forklift can drive over without obstacles.

Egalizer is also the party to supply and install dilation profiles.

We do this for new construction and renovation. There are many variants in this. In consultation with you, we determine the profile to be placed and based on the operation of both floor parts. We also ask whether there is only a horizontal effect, also a vertical one. Depending on this, a profile is chosen.


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