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Nowadays there are certain flatness standards that (company) floors must meet. The flatness requirement is also increasing. This is, for example, because we use increasingly efficient and faster machines and warehouses are increasingly fuller with higher racks. But these requirements are also very important in non-residential construction. Moreover, not every contractor lays every floor equally flat and tight. After all, a sand cement floor is installed with human hands, with the result that deviations can occur.

Specialist in flat floors within flatness standards

At Egalizer we work according to the standards of, NEN-2747-1, NOC * NSF DIN 15815, and so on.

For example, the NOC * NSF standard applies to sports floors. This standard applies, for example, that irregularities of more than 3 mm are not permitted. The subfloor must be completely load-bearing on the construction floor. When there is adhesion between the subfloor and the construction floor, it must be fully adhesive to prevent moisture from entering.

The NEN-2472-1 standard is divided into classes 1 to 7. For screeds, standard class 3 is used. A deviation of 6-10 mm on a length of 2 meters is possible.

The DIN 15815 to guarantee the flatness of corridors in high rack warehouses, we can both grind off the bump and fill the valley with a high-quality mortar

We are the professionals for you to repair and level your floor within the set flatness standards.

We do this by working with renowned brands such as Coba leveling mortar CLM490, NEODUR® Level and Rapid Set® repair mortars and the right machines.

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