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Floor renovation for parquet

Every floor is unique. When your customer wants new parquet, it is custom work. A flat and smooth parquet underlay is a must. Leveling the subfloor on which this parquet will be laid is therefore also specialist customization. At Egalizer we remove the old floor and prepare the subfloor for the new parquet floor.

Remove top layer

We completely remove the old top layer. Then we inspect the subfloor. The protruding nails and the like are first removed from a wooden subfloor. Moving parts are secured with screws. Then the leveling of the subfloor starts.

Apply leveling mortar

First we apply a primer layer. We then use fiber-reinforced leveling mortar for a wooden subfloor. Curing of this leveling layer takes an average of 3 mm per 24 hours and of course also depends on the ambient temperature.

With a concrete cement floor, we use various special products that are intended for leveling medium to heavily loaded floors indoors. We pump this mortar in mechanically or we do it manually. The biggest advantages of this mortar is that it is very durable, hardens quickly (and the floor can therefore be used again quickly!), Level itself and is shrink and tension-resistant (so it can also be used again quickly!), levels itself and is shrink and stress-free.

We sand, plan, mill or irradiate the floor with very small balls, so that the top layer disappears. Almost all our equipment has an extraction facility, so that we can do this even completely dust-free.

Leveling is essential for a smooth and flat floor

Parquet is an expensive type of floor. It is durable and gives a warm look to the interior. A herringbone pattern is one of the most popular patterns today. This pattern is usually completely glued to the subfloor with a special adhesive. When installing more expensive floors, such as parquet, it is therefore essential that the subfloor is flat.

We are the professionals for you to prepare your floor for new parquet.

We do this by working with renowned brands from different suppliers who supply us with the leveling mortar and repair mortars and then we (Equalizer) process with the right machines.

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