Egalizer has the right knowledge, professionals, equipment and products in the field of floor finishing.

Industrial floor repairs

We specialize in repairing concrete surfaces and the associated transitions and horizontal dilatations.

Restoring flatness

Nowadays there are certain flatness standards that floors must meet. We know these standards through and through and are therefore happy to advise.

Floor renovation for parquet

When your customer wants new parquet, it is custom work. A flat and smooth parquet underlay is a must.

Floor renovation for tiles

Tiling is precision work. The surface must be super tight and flat for this. We ensure that the floor is level after renovation.

Leveling for carpet, rubber & PVC

When it comes to leveling sand cement floors, wood subfloors, leveling floors for PVC, click PVC, rubber, carpet and tiles.

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Dilations in screeds

There is a difference in dilations when it comes to adhesive screeds, which are continued from the construction, and non-adhesive screeds.


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