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Floor renovation

Egalizer is the company that takes care of the preparation of the floor for project designers.

This includes:

The removal of all existing floor finishes by means of stripping or scrapping. Stripping should include the removal of existing asbestos-free floor coverings such as carpet and carpet tiles, vinyl and PVC coverings, parquet, marmoleum and linoleum, colivinyl tiles and sports floors. When demolishing, one must think of removing hard floor finishes such as tile floors, sand cement screeds, cable trays, natural stone, piping and other hard finishes.

Machining the substrate mechanically. We do this by sanding, planing or blasting or milling. Because much of our equipment has its own extraction facility, we can do this dust-free and even almost completely dust-free.

Egalizer belongs to the Nieuwenhuis Group, which specializes in all facets of floor repairs and preparations. As a result, Egalizer has the knowledge, the people, the right equipment (laser precision) and perfect products.

These materials are produced under a quality system according to ISO 9001. This total package guarantees reliability, quality and a high degree of flexibility.

On the Nieuwenhuis website you will find all information about our possibilities.

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